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No.  But imagine if Warehouse 13 ran into the Winchesters….


Preference #4: The voicemail he leaves after a fight.


Dean: “Hey [Y/N], it’s your douche of a lover. I just wanted to say that I didn’t mean to call you a bitch and you’re not only dating me to get to Sam. I know I was out of order saying those things and I understand if you never want to talk to me again, I wouldn’t. But please, just answer the phone so we can talk this out. I love you.”

Sam: “Uh, hey [Y/N]. I don’t really know what to say,” in the background you hear Dean yelling ‘tell her you’re sorry, you dumb idiot!’, “ha, sorry about that. I am sorry for everything I said earlier and I just saw red when I saw that guy over you and I shouldn’t have let things get that out of hand so yeah, call me whenever you want to talk. Remember, I love you.”

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Victoria’s Secret


Are you still doing imagines? And if so can I get a preference of how each boy reacts when you buy victorias secret and they see the bag? Its kind of a weird one but I would appreciate it!

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You walked out of the bathroom to see Dean grinning his sly grin and holding up my Victoria’s Secret bag.

“Is this a present for me?” he asked eyes bouncing with excitement. You sighed trying to feign annoyance, but you couldn’t keep the grin off your face.

“Maybe,” you replied, slowly walking towards him. His eyes roamed your body greedily taking you all in.

“Can I unwrap it?” he whispered arms wrapping around your body. You didn’t even answer all you did was press your hot lips against his. Dean grinned against your mouth and started to take off your clothes greedily. Dean really enjoyed his present that night.


You loved shopping. It was a passion of yours and helped you relax after a rough hunt. You came home loaded down with bags and Sam immediately leapt up to help you unload. He grabbed all the bags in your right hand and placed them all on the bed.

“SO what did you get?” Sam asked rooting through your bags. Suddenly he started blushing ad stepped a little bit away from your new clothes.

“What Sam?” you asked walking over. You spied the pink Victoria’s Secret bag amongst the bags and laughed.

“You afraid of a little pink bag,” you laughed picking it up and swinging it around.

“No!” he’d exclaim trying to cover up his blushing. All you id d was laugh and walk over to him. You placed a gently peck on his lips and went back to unloading your new clothes.


“(Y/n) who is Victoria and what is her secret?” Cas asked from behind you. You were cooking breakfast and stopping turning towards him. He was holding up the familiar pink bag looking confused as always. You couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

“What is so funny? Why does Victoria have a secret?” poor Cas looked genuinely lost. You sighed and went over to him plucking the bag from his grasp.

“Victoria’s Secret is a lingerie store,” you explained pulling out your new bra you just bought. Cas started blushing widely and fidgeted with his hands. You grinned at him and placed the bag on the table, going back to cooking.

“Well I guess I figured out Victoria’s secret,” Cas said from the doorway.

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Spn Preference #1: Your First Time

Not sure if you meant this in a sexual way, but that's how I did it…if you meant it like the first time you are hanging out or something…then sorry. My mind is obviously in the gutter. These are sort of ridiculous, especially Cas's but I really enjoyed writing that one. Well sorry if this sucks, but I hope you enjoy it anyway! This is borderline smut I guess…so those who are squeamish please look away!
Sam: Your first time with Sam is intense and very, very steamy. After getting hurt in your last hunt, Sam is wanting you to take it easy, but you wouldn't have it. You two are yelling at each other, but that tension quickly turns sexual. He decides that yelling isn't working and decides to convert all that anger into sexual energy. He is very dominating and passionate as he first devours your mouth and then makes his way to your neck. While pleasure certainly is convincing, you fight back with precise kissing as well. It becomes an argument of sex, rather than words. Although there is a sense of urgency and passion, Sam does pause before you go all the way to make sure you want to, before he completely ravages you. Once you two have gone at it several times, he rolls off of you and you both can't help but laugh. "Maybe we should fight more often," You laugh as he pulls you into him for one more kiss.
Dean: Your first time with Dean is a bit unexpected. There had been some shameless flirting and teasing between the two of you, but you two definitely skip a few of the usual steps. Sam sends you two to go check out the victims' bodies of your latest case at the morgue. It seems routine at first. Dean drives you two there and sings along to one of the five albums he usually plays in his car while you sort through your fake ID badges to find the one suitable for the morgue. There is not overt sexual tension between you or at least you notice anything…that is until he puts his impala into park and looks over to you. You are biting your lip, fixing the buttons of your blouse you wear when you are impersonating an agent of the law. Once you have finished fixing your buttons, you are barely able to look up before Dean's strong, passionate lips are against yours. This escalates quickly. Very, very quickly. Next thing you know you are both naked, rocking the impala drastically in your moment of passion. Once finished, Dean rests on top of you for a while; both of you are attempting to catch your breathe. "That was…uh…wow," you laugh breaking the silence between you. You both sit up and attempt to get dressed in the limited space of the Impala's front seat. Dean smirks and replies, "Say Y/N, how about we get dinner tonight?" "Are you asking me on a date?" You giggle. "Maybe," He says, kissing you gently on your lips. He goes to unbutton the top button of your blouse that you just re-buttoned and asks, "How about round two?" "Oh Dean," You giggle as if to agree, but then add with a wink, "You get one free test drive, Dean. If you want more, you'll have to work for it." You then leave Mr. Winchester to go on do the job you actually came there for.
Castiel: Your first time with Castiel is sweet yet passionate…and a bit silly. Since Cas learned about sex through porn flicks and Dean's advice, Cas's methods of seduction are a bit interesting. After receiving a message from Cas about needing your help with something in the motel room, you leave diner that you and the boys were eating at, and head right over. When you enter the motel room, you notice the lights are dimmed, side one of Led Zeppelin IV is playing, and there is an open box of pizza placed on the coffee table. Cas is splayed on the couch, shirtless in a supposedly sexy pose. "Cas, what is this?" You ask, trying not to laugh as you close the door behind you. "Well I love you a lot and I was told that fornication was the way to express love. Is that wrong?" Cas explains. You smirk and sit next to him on the couch, "It's cute and I love you too." You then kiss him, which leads to, as Cas put it, fornication. He is gentle, yet intense. A few times at the beginning, he asks questions; but as soon as things get heated enough, the stimulation is enough to make him shut up. After you two are finished, you and him lay on the couch intertwined and silent for a long time, until you break the silence with asking, "Cas, why pizza?" "The pizza man and the baby sister…I just assumed." Cas replies and you can't help but laugh at your adorable angel boyfriend.
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dean or sam or castiel

bela or jo or charlie

garth or kevin or adam

bobby or john winchester

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ruby or meg or lilith

balthazar or anna or gadreel

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the colt or demon-killing knife 

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anti-possession tattoo or mark of cain

destiel or wincest or sastiel or other

samjess or megstiel or deanlisa or other

dean smith or endverse!dean or demon!dean

leviathan!cas or endverse!cas or purgatory!cas

broken!sam or sam wesson or lucifer!sam

jensen ackles or jared padalecki or misha collins

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Imagine Sam and Dean making fun of you when you get your drivers license




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I just wanted to share some of my favorite transparent Jensen gifs with all of our lovely followers! ^-^

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those fans who can’t admit their idiol has fucked up and makes up stupid reasons to defend them



send me dick pics




wearing these during sex


wearing these during sex


cuddling is probably one of the most passionate forms of love there is because you just feel so safe and close to the person and it feels like all your worries go away and it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world


pretending to study in front of ur parents like